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Monday, 5 November 2012

What is Salawat/Durood?

What is As Salawat  ? As Salawat is the blessing. Is it not strange that Salah  is spelt exactly the same as Salawat? In order to understand Salawat we must look at Salah. We have already covered Salah in a separate article on this site. PLEASE READ IT FOR YOURSELF.

Having read the article on Salah we find that we are in fact writing the name AHMAD sawwith our body. So if we are writing the name AHMAD saw with our body first before we get to LILLAH then why is it wrong to say Salawat or Darood on Muhammad saw? In other words, we have to write the name AHMAD The Nabee (Prophet) saw is closer to the believers than their own self, so that is one form of nearness of Muhammad saw to us than our own selves. Then we finally come to rest in the position of Lillah in the Salah.

Therefore we have to attain first attain nearness to Muhammad saw before we can attain nearness to Allah.

There is one deviant sect of Muslims who call the Salah 'the Contact Prayer'. They do not believe in sending Salawat upon Muhammad saw . Can they explain who are they contacting ? Unless they have changed the body movements of the Salah and they are writing the word CONTACT with their bodies !

 Therefore the Arabic word Salawat is basically spelt Salat or Salah and both Salah and Salawat draw the seeker closer to Muhammad saw first and then to Allah. In other words we have to pass through AHMAD first before we rest in LILLAH. If Allah could be approached directly by everyone there was no need to send Messengers, Allah would have spoken to every person !

 In Urdu Salawat is called Darood. Why ? If we look at the word Darood it is spelt Why is it spelt  as it is ? If we split the word Darood into two words we get Dar and Wood .

Dar means 'Place' and Wood means 'Love' . Therefore Darood is the Place of Love. Whose place ? Muhammad's saw  ! Whose love ? Allah's love ! Hence the title given to Muhammad saw Habeeb Allah - the Beloved of Allah.
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