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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Golden Advises for Muslim Wives and their Roles

i) Solat/ namaz on time (reason being; ONE, try not to delay solat/ namaz fearing that when we delay one until the next fardhz namaz time, we will have our menses, and with that, we still need to qada' our solat/ namaz, SECONDLY, when you received an unexpected guests at home and that can causes you to delay your namaz, THIRDLY, for pregnant Muslimah, fearing that you will give birth before you could even pray your namaz, and FOURTH, not the least of importance, fearing death will invite you while you're in the state of delaying your namaz/ solat)
ii) Istiqamah (attend taleem and give ta'lum, meaning, to attend ilm gathering for women and teaches/ share what you've learned from such gathering; recite Qur'an often and reflect on one's good deeds and bad ones too)
iii) Much zikrullah as women tend to wonder and think about matters of no weigh and importance for the goodness of her Deen in her mind.
iv) Educate and nurture their children according to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam.
v) Live in simplicity; Not being spendrift, getting things according to our needs and not wants.
vi) Tableegh; spread da'wah and be a walking da'wah.

5 Roles of a Muslim Wife/ Muslim Women to her Family members (especially husband, brothers and children)

i) Encourage husband to attend halaqah sessions and share it at home whenever possible.
ii) Encourage husband, male family members to perform prayers for all FIVE fardhz solat/ namaz at the masjid if possible, remind them, push them if you can, if they do not go for one, no worries, at least you have done your part and you will earn sawab In Shaa Allah)
iii) Spend time at the masjid, at least a couple of hours in minimum, In Shaa Allah (for husband and other male family members)
iv) Encourage husband to give taleem at home and attend one too at the masjid. Discuss with him on any matters pertaining Deen in order to strengthen the bond between the husband and the wife. Isn't that marriage completes half of our Deen too?
v) Encourage husband to go out and join the tableeghi at least 3 days in a month.

In Shaa Allah.

i) Weekly Taleem (29th December 2013), Malaysia.
ii) Muntakhab Ahadith - A Selection of Ahadith Relating to the 6 Qualities of Da'wat and Tabligh, compiled by Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Kandhlavi (rahmatullah alaih)