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Monday, 25 April 2016

I am not 'Aisyah...

I am not ‘Aisyah,
Who possess noble knowledge and dignified status,
As I’m just a woman,
Who are constantly struggling in seeking knowledge in patience and prayers.

I am not ‘Aisyah,
The strong-willed,
With immense sacrifice,
As I’m just a woman,
Learning to be among the mujahidah facing the challenges of the dunya.

I am not ‘Aisyah,
Whom has contributed immensely to the Ummah,
As I’m just a woman,
Still in my baby steps accumulating as much good deeds as I can.

I am not ‘Aisyah,
Whom perfection is beyond compare,
Her jealousy harboured amusement in the heart of Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam,
Her demeanor strengthened Rasulullah’s love towards her,
Her knowledge is Rasulullah’s pride and delight,
that continues to spread among the entire Ummah.

I am not ‘Aisyah,
Because I’m just a woman,
Who are far from being perfect,
Given the chance to live everyday by Allah,
Strengthen and tied with Imaan and Islam as a blessings from Allah,
Therefore I have a dream and faith,
with Ya Rahim’ wills and guidance,
For I, will have the ultimate tranquility when I enter His Jannah
Solely by His Mercy.

In Shaa Allah.