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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Why are YOU still similar to the kuffar?

Why are you still indistinguishable from the Kuffar? 

You changed your given name to Muhammad Abdul something as salafi or Khadijah Amatullah bint something. So what?

  1. Why aren't you praying?
  2. Why are you still celebrating non-Muslim holidays with your non-Muslim family members?
  3. Why are you still dating?
  4. Why are you still drinking alcohol?
  5. Why are you still fornicating?
  6. Why are you still cursing and using vulgar speech?
  7. Why are you still going to nightclubs?
  8. Why aren't any of your friends Muslims?
  9. Why are you still wearing tight clothes(guys and gals!)
  10. Why are you still shaving your beard off?
  11. Sisters, why aren't you covered and why are you still dressing the same as before? Brothers, your pants!!!
  12. Why aren't you going to the masjid? At least for Jumu'ah salah.
  13. Why are you still taking pictures of beings with souls?
  14. Why are you still listening to music?
  15. Why aren't you reading and reciting Qur'an?
  16. Why aren't you learning Arabic?
  17. Why do you know all the latest gossip, are immersed in secular, Western pop culture but haven't memorized a single hadith?
  18. Why do you know so much about people the media refers to as "celebrities" but you don't know a single thing about the lives of the Sahaba or the Seerah of our beloved Nabi(sal Alahu alayhi wasallam)?
  19. Why do you keep up with all the latest technological gadgets but haven't learned about nature's natural toothbrush?...yup...the miswak.
  20. Why do you keep saying "don't judge me" but you you won't behave like a Muslim?
  21. Do you even know what du`a is?
  22. Why don't you think it's important to know who to take your Deen from?
  23. It's bad enough you are referring to other unrelated non-Muslims as your brothers and sisters, but the Rafidah(refer footnote) is a Shi`a?
  24. You know everything going on in the lands of the Kuffar, but what's happening with your fellow Muslims you are clueless? Why? Where is Dammaj?
  25. Why are you afraid of using words like "kuffar", "jihad", and "shari'ah"?
  26. When did you become a mujtadid or get iftaa, ijaza, or tazkiyya from anyone to go around making declarations like "multiple wives is not part of the Sunnah and not advisable in the modern world", "a sister does not have to wear hijab in the West", "music is not haram if the lyrics do not contravene the Shari'ah, so I see nothing wrong with anasheed accompanied to musical instruments".
  27. Who told you refutation is not part of Islam?
  28. You're not following any of the above, so why are you issuing fatawa on the Internet, anyway? 

If you refuse to actually follow Islam according to Qur'an and Sunnah, according to the understanding of the Salaf us Salih, then there is no point making pronouncements about what YOU THINK is Islamic or not.

Ma sha Allah you reverted, but without a real change in your heart, as evidenced by a change in the way you live, but it almost seems pointless. You can fool all of the people all of the time, but you will never fool Allah anytime.

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Footnote1. As for the Rafidah, they fortified themselves in the mountains of Al-Jard and Al-Kasrawaniyyin. Ibn Taymiyyah headed for them in the year 704H with a group of his companions and requested a number of them to repent and they enjoined the laws of Islam upon them. In the beginning of the year 705H, Ibn Taymiyyah went to battle with a brigade and the deputy Sultan of Sham and Allah aided them over the Rafidah. (Al Fatwa-11/474)