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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Race Towards Repentance!

Wanting  to advise his son Hasan r.a., Ali Karamallahu Wajhah said, "My son, BEWARE of 3, be in HARMONY with 3, be MODEST before 3, RACE to 3, FLEE from 3, be in DISAGREEMENT with 3, FEAR 3, and HOPE from 3."

"O my father, please explain," said Hasan r.a.

"BEWARE of pride, anger and the base kind of ambition.

Live in HARMONY with Allah SWT's Book, His Messenger's Sunnah, and the lives of His righteous slaves.

Be MODEST before Allah SWT, the angels, and the righteous people.

HURRY away [to someplace (away from sinning)] from fear of sinning, race to repentance, and sprint forward in the pursuit of knowledge.

My son, FLEE from lying, treachery, and transgression.

Stay away from (i.e., be in disagreement with) evil and its people, hypocrisy and its people, and foolishness and its people.

FEAR Allah SWT, (the company of), those who do not fear Allah SWT, and the biting (evil speech) of your tongue.

HOPE for Allah SWT to forgive your sins, to accept your deeds, and to accept the intercession of your Prophet s.a.w."

Source taken from:

Muhammad Abduh Mughawiri, Stories of Repentance, Race Towards Repentance!, pp56, Darussalam, ISBN:9960-899-87-X.

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