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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Prayer is Better than Sleep

The Holy Prophet () has said: “Whoever proclaims the Adzan for 7 years, for the sake of reward, Allah keeps him secure from the Hellfire.” (Tirmizi, Ibn Majah)

While the Adzan is being said, one must not indulge in any talk, recite Quran etc., nor indulge in other activities. Listen to the “Azaan” attentively and reply to it. The same applies to the “Iqamah”.

For the one who stays engrossed in talk while the “Azaan” is being proclaimed,there is a danger of him dying an evil death.

While saying “Hayya alas-Salaah Hayya alal-Falaah” in the “Azaan” or in the “Iqamah”, one must face right and left respectively. Upon hearing the “Azaan”, it is commanded to reply to it - i.e. to repeat the words which the Caller (Muazzin) is saying, except for the words“Hayya alas-Salaah Hayya alal-Falaah”, for which one must say "Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa Billah" (There is neither power nor strength, except with Allah).

In the Adzan for the Dawn Prayer (Fajr salat), when the Imam says the following words twice,

"AsSalaatu Khairum-minun-Naum"

Translation : Prayer is better than sleep.

The response to these words is "Sadaqta wa bararta, wa bilHaqqi Nataqta"

Translation: You have confirmed the truth and you did well - and you have spoken a fact.

After hearing the adzan, the following du’a must be recited.


Allaa-humma Rabba Haazihid-Da'watit-Taaammati was-Salaatil Qaa-imati Aati Saiey-yidinaa Muhammada nil-Waseelata wal-Fadeelah wassharofawad-Darajatar Rafee'ah wab-As-hu Maqaamam Mahmooda nil-Lazee wa'Adtah, Innaka Laa Tukhliful-Mee'aad.

Translation: O' Allah! The Sovereign Lord of the ever-establishing prayer and of this perfect call, grant our leader Hadrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) "Al-Waseelah" (the loftiest position ofintercession) and "Al-Fadeela" (the singular Fee excellence), and the highest rank and elevate him to "Maqaam-e-Mahmood" (an exclusively praise-worthy primacy reserved only for the Holy Prophet) and bless us with his intercession on the Doomsday. Undoubtedly, You do not do anything against Your promise.

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