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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Defining Allah to The Non-Muslims

The best definition that I can give of Allah (SWT) of God Almighty from the holy Qur’an is Surah Ikhlaas, Ch. No. 112, which says …Arabic… ‘Allah the absolute and eternal’, meaning, he is absolute, he is eternal. He has no beginning, he has no end, he is the one who helps other people but does not require help…Arabic… ‘Allah, the absolute and eternal’…Arabic… ‘He begets not nor is he begotten’, he has no father and mother. He has got no children, no begotten children…Arabic… ‘And there is nothing unto him like in this world’. There is nothing comparable to him in this world. The moment you can compare Allah (SWT) to anyone, he is not Allah (SWT) …Arabic… this is a four line definition of Allah (SWT). If anyone who you claim to be God Almighty, who you claim to be Allah (SWT) fits in this four line definition, we Muslims, we have got no objection to accept him as God Almighty. To accept him as Allah (SWT) what… which are your candidates, bring your candidates one by one. Some may say, that Bhagwaan Rajneesh Osho, he is God Almighty. Let us put him to test. The first criteria is…Arabic… ‘Say he is Allah one and only’, Rajneesh – we have several people like Rajneesh. We have plenty of them in our country, but still a follower of Rajneesh will say no, Rajneesh is unique, he is the only one. Okay give him a chance, okay let him pass the first test. No problem.

The second test is…Arabic… ‘Allah the absolute and eternal’. He does not require any help. He is the person who helps other people. Rajneesh we know very well, he was suffering from ‘Asthma’ from ‘Diabetes’. He could not cure his own disease, what will he cure your disease and my disease. When he went to America, he was imprisoned by the American government, imagine God being imprisoned. He could not free himself, how will he free you and me when we are in trouble and then he gives a statement that they gave me poison, slow poisoning. Imagine God can be poisoned? Put him to test, the Archbishop of Greece said that if you do not throw this godman Rajneesh out we will destroy his houses and the houses of his disciples and the president had to throw him out of Greece. Is he absolute and eternal?

The third test…Arabic… ‘He begets not nor is he begotten’, I do not know how many children’s he had but I do know that he had a father and a mother. He was born on the 11th of December 1931 in Jabalpur and he died on the 19th of January 1990. But when you go to his center in Pune, there it is mentioned ‘Bhagwaan Rajneesh – never born, never died, but visited the earth from the 11th of December 1931 to 19th January 1990’. They did not mention that he was not allowed to enter 21 countries of the world. He was not given the visa. He tried to enter he could not enter 21 countries. Imagine God is visiting the world, God is visiting the world, he cannot visit 21 countries. Is this the God you believe in? And the last test…Arabic… ‘And there is nothing, there is nothing like him in this world, there is nothing. There is nothing comparable, the moment you can think what God is, you can draw his figure he is not God. We know very well that Rajneesh, he had long hair, he had a big flowing beard which was white in color, he wore a robe, the moment you can think you can draw a picture of God, he is not God…Arabic… If you say that God Almighty suppose is a thousand times as strong as Arnold Schwarzenneger, do you know Arnold Schwarzenneger? He was crowned Mr. Universe – the strongest man in the world. If you say that God Almighty is a thousand times as strong as Arnold Schwarzenneger or Dara Singh or may be King Kong, he is not God. The moment you can compare him with anyone whether a thousand times. whether a million times, whether ten million times.

The moment you compare him with anything, he is not God…Arabic… ‘There is nothing unto him like in this world', I leave it upto the distinguished audience, the intellectual audience to decide for themselves that whichever God they are worshipping, let them put their God to test. To this 4 test of the Qur’an, if the God you are worshipping, if they pass these 4 test, we Muslims, we have got no objection in accepting him as God Almighty. 

Source copied from:Dr. Zakir Naik Lecture Series, Is the Quran God's Word?, Accessed on 3rd Nov 2013. 

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