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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Home is...

  • Where mom is!
  • You pick on your sister and mom still siding you..
  • You never spend a second alone (‘cuz mom will always come to your room, lie beside you on your bed, play with your nose and ask, “What are you doing?”)
  • When you put on make-up on dad’s face while he’s in deep sleep!
  • Where you don’t need to ask permission to use things...ever!
  • When you open the fridge and mom says, “Hungry? Me too!”
  • Where laughter never ends
  • Where you have dozens of pillows you don’t really need
  • Where coffee is 24/7!
  • When we only cry if we laughed too much!
  • When mom just hugs you for no reason
  • Where you sings in shower on Saturdays
  • When you sing outloud and the neighbor join you in the harmony
  • When mom takes care of you when you're sick as if you're dying
  • Where you pick vegetables from your own little garden
  • Feeling excited to go to the market with mom at 5.30a.m!
  • Blocking dad’s way while he’s brisk walking at home.
  • You clean your own mess or else mom will scream at you
  • Where you feel carefree
  • Where we baked the cake with mom with blue icing!
  • Where, when you shut the door for hours and dad calls you for dinner, “Here birdie birdie, dinner is here”
  • Nobody will question you if you have broken a glass
  • Where everyone is a morning person
  • Drinking your coffee on the saucer just like a cat does
  • Exploring recipes with mom
  • Where the conversation goes on and on…
  • McDonalds for breakfast when mom wants a sundae!
  • Looking at mom singing while making food
  • Staring at dad doing his Copacabana moves
  • When dad calls for a request ‘Mariah Carey, please sing a song for us’
  • You sleep anywhere when the relatives have a sleep over
  • Looking at mom watering her plants with such joy in the morning.
  • Doing tricks to dad’s newspaper while he’s reading it
  • Where you painted your own home
  • When your parents admires you for the littlest of things that you do.
  • When dad stares sarcastically at your face while you’re making that lame jokes
  • When you go for a 2 hours’ drive just because mom wants and very much adamant to see the seaside :D
  • Your parents don’t really bother looking at your report cards
  • Where we shuts the television volume and make our own scripts
  • Sit and talk for hours with your next-door neighbours
  • Wake up early just to get that favorite 'nasi lemak'

Note: based on true story :D

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