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Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Selfless Mother of 4

During the time of 'Umar radi'Allahu anhu in 16 Hijri, the famous battle of Qadisiyah was fought between the Muslim and the Persians. Khansa' radi'Allahu anha, along with her four sons (Yazeed, Mu’awia, Amro and Amrah), took part in this battle.

On the eve of the battle, she encouraged all her four sons, saying, "O my sons! You embraced Islam and migrated of your own free will. By Allah, besides Whom there is no one worthy of worship, you all are the sons of the same father. I never betrayed your father, nor defamed your maternal uncle. I never allowed a blot to come on your high birth nor polluted your pedigree."

"You know what rewards Allah Ta'ala has promised for those who fight against the non-believers in His path. You must remember that the everlasting life of the Akhirah is far better than the transitory life of this world. Allah Ta'ala has said in the His Book:-

"O you who have believed, persevere and endure and remain stationed and fear Allah that you may be successful."- Surah 'Ali 'Imran

"When you get up tomorrow morning, be prepared to contribute your best in the battle. Go ahead into the enemy lines, seeking help from Allah Ta'ala. When you see the flames of battles rising high, get right into the centre and face the enemy chiefs. If Allah wills it, you will get your abode in Jannah with honour and success."

The next day, when the battle was in full swing, all the four sons advanced towards the enemy lines. One by one, they attacked the enemy, reciting the words of their mother in verse and fought till all of them were martyred.

When the mother got the news, she said,"Alhamdulillah, Glory to Allah Who has honoured me with their martyrdom. I hope that Allah Ta'ala will unite me with them under the shade of His Mercy."

Here is a mother of that time! She exhorts her sons to jump into the flames of battle and, when all the sons are killed in quick succession, she glorifies Allah Ta'ala and thanks Him. May we be like Khansa' and let our children travel in the path of Allah, rather than preferring them to be under their nose, at home, fearing for their safety and what not.
When Khansa returned to Madina, 'Umar radi'Allahu anhu went to her house to condole with her over the death of her sons. Khansa merely said: "Congratulate me, Amirul Mominin, 
For verily I am the mother of martyrs." 

Source taken from:-

Fada'il Amal, Stories of the Sahabah, pp 160.

Al-Shindagah, Accessed on 3rd August 2014.

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