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Sunday, 2 June 2013

6 Wills of Imam Ghazali r.a.

(1) When you meet an ignorant, take them as more noble because when they do commit sins, it is due to their ignorance, WHILE we commit sins realizing its consequences. 

(2) When you meet a child, take them as more noble too as compared to yourself, as they are not yet burdened with sins.

(3) When you meet the elders, take them as more noble, for they've spent more time on ibadah and taubat as compared to yourself.

(4) When you meet the pious people, take them too as noble than you, for they have vast knowledge and also spend most of their time performing ibadah.

(5) When you meet the sinners, do not quickly take yourself as a great and noble person, but instead, say this to yourself, "Just maybe, they will repent later in their lives, but what about our own ending?"

(6) When you meet the disbelievers, know that its not certain that they will end up being one forever.

Imam Ghazali r.a. has taught us to educate our hearts by constantly reflecting on our deeds, be more humble by observing your own actions rather than condemning others.

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