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Sunday, 2 June 2013


Could you be a Dayooth ? So, what is a dayooth? A dayooth in English means "cuckold". In a simple base terms, this is a word used to describe a man who wishes to watch while his wife has sex with another man.

Now, you're reading this and thinkin'...
"...what is this guy writing about now? Who here does that? But Islam explains 'ad-dayooth" or the cuckold man on different levels. "

The Prophet said,"Ad-dayooth la' yad khullul janna". The ad-dayooth will not enter Janah, so where will they go ? In Hell.

SO, who are the ad-dayooth? Ad-dayooth is a man who :

1. Allows his wife/sister/daughter to go out of the house not covered properly.
Meaning just because she is wearing a headscarf doesnt mean she is in "hijab". If the skin of her feet are showing , or she's wearing a half sleeve t-shirt or you can see the shape of anything, or you can tell her bra size, then SHE IS NOT WEARING HIJAB. Because khemar = headscarf. So, wearing a headscarf with tight clothes means you aren't in HIJAB. She can't show the skin of her feet. Wearing a headscarf with skinny jeans/leggings and a tight t-shirt is not hijab. The man that allows this is a DAYOOTH.

This could be your sister , your wife or your daughter. Are you not jealous that men look at these women up and down stripping them with their eyes. You are allowing to these men to have sex with them indirectly by allowing these women -whom YOU are responsible for to do whatever they want.

If you think this is "extreme" then you don't know the Quran. Read the tafseer of Surah An-Nisa before commenting. Men are leaders of women. Imams. Now, its the other way around. The husband has his pants wayyy past his ankles, the wife is behind him all dolled up, high heels, pushing her butt out, wearing a corset to push her chest out . Bro, what can you NOT SEE? I can see everything. And if you think that a woman who shows the skin of her feet is wearing hijab then -like i said-read the Quran in a language you understand.

2. Ad dayooth is a man who doesnt have a problem with his wife/sister /daughter sitting around non-family males and shaking their hands and mixing.

3. The ad-dayooth is a man who follows his wife's orders ABOVE THE PROPHETS COMMANDS.
    Bro, why do you shave?
    Ans: my wife doesn't like a beard.
    Bro, Allah, through Jibril, through Muhammad COMMANDED us to do this. But, yeah, there's always an excuse,     this is man who lives to please his wife OVER ALLAH.

4. RIBA: I 'll tell you the most reason why men get into riba in the first place is because of their wives .
"honey, when will we get a better car? my brother/sister/neighbour/colleague is driving an accord/camry/alphard / bmw? "

You know its haram, but she convinces you to do it because you love her, not remembering on the Day of Judgement she will run far from you.

Be a Man.

You think no-one is looking at your wife/sis/daughter when she doesnt go out? Either you are Captain Oblivious or your wife looks like a man. 

Now,.. look at your sister's/ wife's/ daughters's pictures posted in FB and THINK.

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