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Sunday, 15 September 2013

What's Nearer to You than Akhirah?

Spend some time and read this please..


Did you ever stop for a while and ask yourself, "What's going to happen to me on the first night in the grave?"

Think about the moment when your body is being washed and then prepared in the shroud before going to your grave. Wishing you could scream to those people who are not being gentle with your body. Screaming your heart's out!

Think about the day when people will be carrying you to your grave and when your family crying over your death.

Think about the moment when you are slowly being placed in your grave... just imagine yourself in your grave .. down there in the darkness, all alone ... terrified and you wish you could cry for help... but? Wish for another day to live so you could pray your solat.

When it is too narrow that your bones are being squeezed, you started to regret missing the 5 daily prayers.. you regret listening to musics, you regret not wearing Hijab, you regret wasting your time with vain talks and deeds, you regret not racing towards repentance, you regret ignoring Allah's orders but no escape... What's diverting you away from doing the righteous deeds but yourself? Fight it for it will be the greatest of jihad.

Indeed, you are alone with your deeds, no money, no jewelries, no big houses. Nothing that in this world that has kept you proud... only ur deeds.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala protect us all from the punishment of the Grave ... Ameen.

Recite much Surah Mulk (67) In Shaa Allah!

Death is nearer to you than your birthdays and Akhirah. And everyone has to die (3:185).

The question is....Are YOU prepared?

Apologies if you feel offended by this reminder.. as we can only remind each other, and we can't change others.

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