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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Learning the Surah of Al-Quran: al- Quraysh (106: The Tribe of Quraysh)

In pre-Islamic era, the entire Arabia was facing a grave situation of mutual battles, robberies, and carnage. When travelling from one place to another, people were under constant fear of being attached either from their enemies or from the robbers. As opposed to this, the trade caravans of the tribe of Quraysh used to travel safely to Yemen in winder and to Syria in summer. This was because the people of the entire Arabia respected them as caretakers of the Sacred House in Makkah, and never touched them with any evil during their commercial trips. As such, Ka'abah was the basic cause of their security and economic prosperity. 

This surah reminds them that Allah has blessed them with this special favour only because they are caretakers of His Sacred House. In this capacity, they are required to have a higher standard of obedience to Allah, and refrain from worshipping anyone other than Him.
The Prophet saw belonged to the tribe of Quraysh, which was the most powerful and important tribe in Makkah. They were proud of their position and resisted the message of Islam for a long time. Now, to understand this surah, one must know that Makkah is in the middl of a very hot desert and almost nothing can grow there.

Surah al-Quraysh (106: The Tribe of Quraysh) 

In the name of Allah, the Kindest and Most Merciful One..

1. For the benefit of the Quraysh
2. for their benefit of the caravans go outin the winter and summer
3. So they should worship the Lord of this House
4. Who has fed them, protected them from hunger, and has made them safe from fear.

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